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6 Top Secrets About ‘The Beast’ Presidential Limo

The Beast

by Allen Hooper
6 Top Secrets About ‘The Beast’ Presidential Limo

The US Presidential Cadillac (sometimes known as “The Beast”) is one of the most intimidating cars in the world. It is an 18-foot tank with equipment that would even even Q.

For security concerns, the limo’s exact capabilities are kept a closely guarded secret, but some juicy information has leaked out. Intrigued? With the Commander-in-Chief, SPYSCAPE drives the shotgun.

Presidential Limo ,The Beast
President Joe Biden’s Beast has a ‘46’ number plate marking the US’s 46th presidency

1. Defense and weapons

The Beast is reportedly equipped with a variety of James Bond-style devices, including smoke screens and door knobs that are configured to shock potential intruders with a 120-volt electric jolt. Reports say that it could also leave an oil slick that would make vehicles on the other side lose control.

Pump-action shotguns, grenades with rocket propulsion, night vision gear, and tear gas grenades are reportedly all aboard.

The body is built of eight-inch armor plating with armored floor plates, weighing between eight and ten tons, to provide protection from probable bomb blasts. The five-inch-thick panes can stop an A.44 magnum bullet.

In the case of a chemical attack, the interior can be sealed, and The Beast’s tires can go for miles even when flat, although it won’t be a quick getaway. The Beast, also known as the Cadillac One, can accelerate to 60 mph in 15 seconds.

Presidential Limo ,The Beast
Biden’s Inauguration in 2021 was the mother of all Beast parades

2. There are several Beasts

Every motorcade has at least two identical beasts with matching license plates, making it impossible for attackers to be certain which vehicle is carrying the president and which is a dummy. In reality, seven Beasts were used in the mother of all motorcades at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

An estimated 16–20 outdated models of the Cadillac One are still driving around because they are often updated every several years with new toys and gizmos.

GM is rumored to have spent $15 million on research and development on Donald Trump’s 2018 beast, despite the Presidential Beast’s $1.5 million price tag. The Beast barely gets an approximate four miles per gallon, so gas is obviously extra and the bill adds up quickly.

Presidential Limo ,The Beast
Former President Donald Trump exits a Cadillac One 2018 model

3. The Beast brings a fridge full of blood .

In case of an emergency, the Beast has a supply of blood that is compatible with the president’s blood type. Additionally, it has a built-in supply of oxygen that, in the case of an attack, may be fed right into the hermetically sealed cabin.

The president is always close to assistance because of the limo’s capacity for seven people. The president’s military doctor and other crucial officials typically trail behind in one of three distinct SUVs known as the “Control Car.”

Presidential Limo ,The Beast
Former President Barack Obama uses the coded communications system in Cadillac One

4. Communications

Due to the protective coating, hardly any sound can enter the cabin. With the use of speakers inside and outside, exterior noise is captured. The Beast can speak with specialized cars that are part of the convoy thanks to additional communications technology.

High-tech communications make sure that in an emergency, the US president can send the codes needed to launch nuclear weapons inside The Beast.

Presidential Limo ,The Beast
President Biden visited the Vatican with an 85-vehicle motorcade

5. Size of motorcade

While visiting Italy to address environmental issues with the Pope, President Biden received criticism for the size of his 85-car motorcade. (To be fair, Italy’s shutdown regulations had a cap on the number of passengers per car.)

According to the mission, the motorcade has about 100 people and 50 cars that move up and down.

There are occasions when other vehicles are placed in different locations, and the president isn’t constantly in the limo. The secret service works to deter assailants by frequently changing the routine.

6 Top Secrets About ‘The Beast’ Presidential Limo
The basic formation of a Presidential motorcade and The Beast (aka Stagecoach or Cadillac One)

A lot of planning went into the motorcade.

Minutes before the motorcade, the “Route Car” travels. It is a watch car that provides the motorcade with intelligence and direction. Similar maneuvers are made by the “Pilot Car,” which precedes the motorcade by a minute or even a few seconds.

Police on motorcycles and in patrol cars known as “sweepers” move in front of the motorcade to clear the route and close off intersections and overpasses on the roadway.

The “Lead Car,” which can be a National Guard Suburban or a police car, serves as a route finder and a safety net.

Presidential Limo ,The Beast
Biden brought The Beast to Britain on his first international trip as US president

The President may not always be inside The Beast, despite the fact that the President’s limousine, known as “the secure package,” is usually in the middle of the procession. Also utilized as a ruse are “spare” limousines.

A variety of vehicles may change locations behind the package.

The “ID Car” talks to other groups, the “Roadrunner” mobile is the center of communication, and the “Hazardous Materials Mitigation Unit” is ready to handle attacks with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.

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According to reports, the “US Secret Service Countermeasures Suburban” is capable of jamming all remote bombs by using two antennas to broadcast a wide spectrum of radio frequency (RF) signals that jam bomb activation signals. It also has sensors for electronic warfare that can tell when an anti-missile tank or an RPG is firing.

followed by three different SUVs. The president’s doctor is in the “control car” in the middle. There are two other SUVs on either side with their back windows open in case the occupants need to start shooting right away. The ‘Cat Car’ SUV is there to combat any militants, and ‘The Halfback’ SUV is ready to guard The Beast.

In addition to the ambulance, there are more secret service agents, military personnel, and media people in the other cars in the motorcade. 

6. Handling Even drivers trained by the secret agency find The Beast challenging.

President Obama’s Beast experienced a humiliating mishap when it attempted to leave the US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland. The limo’s underbelly struck the ramp with a loud crash. Obama was then denied the use of the automobile by US officials, who dismissed the stopped car as a “spare limo.”

An 18-foot Beast might be challenging to park. At the Prime Minister’s London residence, Downing Street, one driver encountered a difficult situation in 2009. In front of the collected journalists from across the world, the Beast’s three-point turn quickly turned into a five-point turn.

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It makes sense why special agents consider “no motorcade” to be the safest motorcade. They often cap ride times at 30 minutes or fewer. The president has the choice of taking the Marine One chopper or Air Force One jet for any additional distance.

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