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You can have four Hummers and preserve the globe, says Schwarzenegger

by Allen Hooper
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hummers

Arnold Schwarzenegger owns four Hummers, and one of his favorite things to do is get up at five in the morning and drive in to the beach for breakfast.

You can have four Hummers and preserve the globe, says Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hummers | Pinterest

However, the star of “The Terminator” insists it shouldn’t stop him from advocating for the environment. The former governor of California told AFP that “saving the earth is also about technology

Three of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hummers now use alternative fuels, including hydrogen, vegetable oil, and bio-diesel, and he plans to convert the fourth to run on electricity. “You already know that soon we’ll have aircraft that run on hydrogen.

Tomorrow, we can get rid of this filthy diesel ” When environmental activism boils down to “you can’t do this and you can’t do that,” I detest it. Shaming, guilt, and finger-pointing are terrible habits. The world is bad. “Don’t smoke that, don’t go in the jacuzzi, don’t go on the plane.

Because of this, Arnie is injecting it with his renowned, pumped-up attitude. When Schwarzenegger, the youthful bodybuilding Mr. Universe, was a pin-up of the “physical fitness movement 40 years ago,” he stated, “We didn’t blame anyone.”

“We didn’t mention he was overweight or she had a huge back.” The body was honored by us. Schwarzenegger, the activist, is supporting a new documentary at the Cannes Film Festival that was made by the son of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau and that he also narrates.

He has also put together a global network of regional leaders called R20 to fight climate change. People will “fall in love with the ocean” because of “Wonders of the Sea 3D,” he predicted. And if they love it, he continued, they will defend it.

“We can accomplish this!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hummer | Pinterest

We must conserve the oceans because they provide us with half of the food we eat and all of the oxygen we breathe. Every year, pollution claims the lives of seven million people. ” Even these doomsday statistics can’t withstand the can-do magnetism of the Austrian-born star for too long.

“Look, with enough people working together with a positive outlook, we can save the earth.” Make them feel good about the change if you want them to make it. As a young child, he said, “I had a very clear image of what I was going to do.” I had plans to travel to America, win the bodybuilding competition, and break into the film industry. Additionally, I was set to earn millions of dollars. 

Everything was realized, and then some. But I never imagined that I would be doing comedy or politics, or that I would be in the biggest movie of the year with “Terminator 2.”

The passage of time hasn’t lessened his optimism either. Schwarzenegger quipped when asked about turned70 in July, “Do you wish to send me a birthday present, then? I enjoy No. 2 Montecristo cigars. ” The reason Schwarzenegger appears to be at least 20 years younger, he claims, is that he “works out every day and I genuinely love my life.” I shoot a movie, travel to South Africa for a bodybuilding conference, motivate some students, and earn my eighth honorary degree all in one month.

It was like Trump was from the Stone Age.

“After earning a couple more million dollars from a real estate transaction, you rise at five in the morning and ride your motorcycle to Santa Barbara for breakfast. “How is it possible to be happy with your life?” “Imagine doing something you don’t like. That’s awful. That is the root cause of depression, “explained he.

You can have four Hummers and preserve the globe, says Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hummers | Pinterest

Only when you bring up Donald Trump does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s remarkably upbeat demeanor waver. Especially “The Apprentice,” whose ratings plummeted after Arnie took over when Trump resigned to run for president of the United States. 
Schwarzenegger was to blame, as Trump claimed in a tweet that the actor “isn’t willingly leaving ‘The Apprentice,’ he was fired by… his terrible ratings.”

Arnie claimed that the relationship with the show’s executive producer, Donald Trump, turned away viewers. The fact that the two guys are at odds over climate change gives them an edge. 

According to Schwarzenegger, Trump’s environmental policies are “back in the Stone Age.” He predicted that once he wanted to bring back coal, he would also want to bring back horses and buggies (cars).

In a stinging appraisal of his fellow Republican’s tenure in office, he says, “So far nothing has gotten done since he became president.”

But despite discussion that the Terminator should be summoned, he will resist the temptation. I mean, I wish Trump luck. The positive things he wants to do should have our backing. “

But what if the phone ever rings? “As I was not born in America, I am ineligible to serve as its president. But I would have run for president if I had been That is obvious. “

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