by Allen Hooper

My Limousine Car (MLC) always do our best to make sure that the facts and information we share with our readers are correct. But mistakes can be happened, and we will fix any mistakes that are brought to our attention as soon as possible and in a clear way.

If facts are wrongly stated or if information is false, please let us know. Our policy is to admit the mistake as soon as we find out about it and to tell the truth about what happened.

Opinion commentary shows what the different writers think. We just accept “Submit News” where the MLC or other contributors could write opinion-based articles.

We value free speech and all points of view, except those that are based on hate, racism, or discrimination. We will always make it clear whether something is a fact, a guess, or an opinion.

MLC will do everything possible to find out who made any third-party content and give them credit, so that copyrights are respected. Any mistakes that don’t give credit to the original author will be fixed as soon as possible and given the attention they deserve.

We try to work with and talk to people in a good way who think we have misrepresented them or made obvious mistakes about them. If you did that, we would be willing to work with you to find the best way to solve the problem. This could mean anything from removing the content from our site and other social media channels to putting out a full retraction or apology on our news site and the social media channels that go with it. We will not be afraid to talk about mistakes.

We are also happy to answer questions about how MLC employees make decisions and act, and we have high standards for everyone in the organization.

If you think we’ve made a big mistake or got something wrong, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within one day.

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