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The 1954 Cadillac Series 60 Fleetwood

by Allen Hooper
Cadillac Series

1954 Cadillac Series

Celebrities were driven in a car between Sun Valley and the airport in Twin Falls.
Several times when the movie “Bus Stop” was being filmed, Marilyn Monroe used the vehicle.
According to reports, Bing Crosby used the vehicle to ferry hunting groups from Sun Valley to a preferred hunting location close to Burley in southern Idaho.
Janet Leigh, Ann Sheridan, and Lydia DuPont, among others, are said to have had chauffeurs while on vacation in Sun Valley.

In the 1950s, Cadillac ruled the automotive world. The freshly updated 1954 Cadillac Series had lower, slightly more squared bodywork, a cellular grille beneath the huge inverted gull-wing front bumper, and other styling changes. The twin “bullet-like” protrusions of the front bumper, which took their design cues from jet aircraft, came to be known as “Dagmars” in honor of a well-known female TV personality of the time. Twin exhausts emerged from ports in the bumper ends of the rear bumper, which continued the jet-age appearance.

1954 Cadillac Series

1954 Cadillac Series

Every car now had the revolutionary wraparound windshield that the 1953 Cadillac Eldorado introduced. The “hooded” headlamps with the chrome trim were also now part of the body. Longer and sweeping rear fenders were added. The tail lights would be set on top of the rear fender for the final time this year before dropping lower and being replaced by the distinctive tail fins.
The 331-cubic-inch overhead-valve V-8 engine, which produced 230 horsepower at 4000 revolutions per minute, was the source of power for all versions. The engine had five main bearings, hydraulic lifters, and pistons made of aluminum alloy. A Hydra-matic automatic transmission was connected to all of this. The end result was a lot of effortless power that flowed smoothly to the rear wheels.

Since 1938, Cadillac has had the Fleetwood 60 Unique, or 60S, as a special sedan option in its lineup. The wheelbase of the Series 62 automobiles, or regular Cadillacs, was 129 inches in 1954, and the base sedan’s overall length was 216.4 inches. The 60 Special had a 133″ wheelbase and a 227.4″ total length. It was an extended Series 62 sedan. Along with specific external decoration, the 60S received “Fleetwood” writing on the trunk and the model’s distinctive chrome louvers attached to the leading bottom edge of the rear fenders. The 1960s had a distinctive interior with a higher level of luxury and sophistication.
The Eldorado Convertible was the only other car in the Series 62 lineup with a starting price lower than the 60 Special’s $4683. 1954 saw the sale of 16,200 Cadillac 60 Special automobiles.

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